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Creation of Future


"Life is not discovery of fate,
It is continuous creation of future,
through choices of Thoughts and Actions"
                                                      - Sanjay Sahay

Program Overview

creationoffuture.png (54588 bytes)The training workshop Creation of Future is based on the premise that new attitudes create a clearing for the creation of a new future. In fact new attitude is the genesis of development and transformation. They transform the constraints that the past imposes, and a new view of life which is based on the future emerges. The participants will gain access to the realization that life is operating on the basis of future; whatever they choose to do (or think) in the present has a profound impact on the future.

This realization itself puts them in the driving seat of their life. Instead of feeling like a helpless spectator of environment and blame the competition or the customer (or worse their own people); they can choose to claim responsibility and take active participation in life and be in-charge of what happens to them and their organization.

The program Creation of Future will provide participants with an opportunity to learn tools and techniques for transformation in their professional as well as personal life. The transformation will be in the choices of thinking and habits. This transformation will lead to creation of a desired future for the self and the organization.


Who Will Benefit From the Course?


Everyone in the organization including heads of the departments, managers and all executives.


What Will You Gain From the Course?


The program ‘Creation of Future’ benefits both Organisation and Employees:-


- For the Organisation:


CREATION OF FUTURE is a strategic investment on Human Resource for enhancing effectiveness through time-tested, life changing modules. This program will:-

  • Encourage leadership and innovation not dependency
  • Foster change, not denial and resistance to it
  • Create committed employees, not compliant ones
  • Enhance energy and optimism and positive stress
  • Enhance quality of communication and increase teamwork
  • Enhance emotional connect of employees with the vision of the company
  • Create a climate of true leadership through empowerment, not power
  • Enhance Win- Win attitudes with all stakeholders of the organisation

- For the Employees:


CREATION OF FUTURE provides individuals with the tools to enhance and maintain emotional optimism. The Individuals will:-

  • Learn how choices of thoughts and actions create their future
  • Acquire new attitudes to pursue higher standards of performance
  • Relate to people and situations with optimism
  • Gain practical ways to be effective team member
  • Develop effective communication, listening and relationships skills
  • Learn new language of responsibility, commitment and integrity
  • Replace self-imposed limitations and fears with positive affirmations

At the end the participants will design a compelling future that will invite them to take actions with enhanced emotional optimism and strong interpersonal bond.


If the above interests you then ……


The program content can be customized according to your needs. The duration of the program can be 3 or more days depending on the deliverables that you are looking for and what your objectives are - the choice is yours!

To ensure that each and every participant gets individual attention and full benefit from the program, it is suggested that the number of participants do not exceed more than 20 in each batch.


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