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In a team if two people agree on everything then one of them is not required. Conflict can be very healthy because it provides opportunity of different view points. Conflict is inevitable in our day to day lives. No two people think alike. This 1 day course will enable you and your people recognise that conflict, though inevitable, can be managed effectively to achieve positive results.  This course is run with practical activities and role-plays that can build skills and confidence, in a safe classroom environment.    


Who Will Benefit From The Program?

  • Everyone!

What Will You Gain From the Program?

  • Learn the dynamics of misunderstanding and conflict

  • Learn the use of interpretation technology to understand the genesis of conflict


You will learn the techniques and skills to manage conflict in situations with customers, Teams, Individuals , Inner Conflict

  • Dealing with interpersonal conflict in organisations: between teams and between managers and their people

  • Developing cohesive teams with a mission, motto, values and logo

  • Optimism through empowerment


Learning Methodology TransformIN

Two things can change the course of our lives, ‘Awareness and Action’. All individuals, corporate and teams, who aspire to progress need mastery over these two components, therefore, we develop and execute all the training programs to create awareness and guide participants to take action. This is done through a special learning process called ‘TransformIN Learning Methodology’.


In a nutshell:-

  1. The training program would be intense but fun to participate in and would be executed in a highly interactive and interesting manner.


  2. The participants would be taken through high involvement activities and games to derive learning from them rather than classroom lecturing.


Following are some of the tools used to deliver the program:-

  • Question Based Discussion and Explanations

  • Sharing of Examples/Stories/Case Studies

  • Role Plays and Management Games

  • Group Discussions and participant presentations

  • Participant workbooks

If the above interests you then ……


The program content can be customised according to your needs. The duration of the program can be 1 or 2 days depending on the deliverables that you are looking for and what your objectives are - the choice is yours!

To ensure that each and every participant gets individual attention and full benefit from the program, it is suggested that the number of participants do not exceed more than 16 in each batch.


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