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Harmony @ Work - T.E.A.M. Building

                                          (Together Everyone Avhieves Miracles)


    "Coming together is a beginning.
                    Keeping together is progress,
                                 Working together is success."
                                                                 - Henry Ford

Program Overview

harmony.png (1476201 bytes)Individually all are excellent, intelligent, brilliant and very talented. However, when you put them together something goes off the beam. They are not able to work as single cohesive synergetic T.E.A.M.

Without good TEAM-work many great product ideas would never be born, and a good number of people would walk out of the door - to competitors with better work environments. Without T.E.A.M. work, morale plummets, effectiveness falls, enthusiasm wanes; and the desire to go the extra mile dissipates.

That's why Cohesive Team Work is important. We need to answer the question: If people really are the key, then what kind of place attracts and keeps the best people?

The strongest argument for synergy at work is also, perhaps, the most obvious:

Given a choice, people would rather be employed at a wonderful place to work, where they feel connected with others rather than at a mediocre or miserable place.

So why not create a wonderful environment to work?

Well, this program will give the participants valuable insights for Creating High Performance Synergetic T.E.A.M. and a desire to win together at the work-place. That enables the team and ultimately your organisation to accomplish it's goals.


Who Will Benefit From the Course?


Everyone in the organisation including heads of the departments, managers and all executives and staff to frontline workers who need to work together. The program is customised according to profile of participants.


What Will You Gain From the Course?

  • Movement from 'Me' to 'We'
  • Internalise Win - Win paradigm
  • Encouraging team communication
  • Learn to resolve conflict effectively
  • Empower people with optimism and high morale
  • Breaking down the silo mindset and building a common team identity
  • Enabling the Team to understand each other at a deeper personal level
  • Individual commitment to lay the foundation for a climate of collaboration
  • Identifying personal commitments to build a high performance T.E.A.M.
  • A structure to practice and nurture the implementation of learning

Learning Methodology TransformIN


Two things can change the course of our lives, 'Awareness and Action'. All individuals, corporate and teams, who aspire to progress need mastery over these two components, therefore, we develop and execute all the training programs to create awareness and guide participants to take action.

This is done through a special learning process called 'TransformIN', which involves lot of enquiring, experiencing, sharing, reflecting and INternalising by the participants, which all contribute towards making the experience intense and a lot of fun.

Following are some of the tools used to deliver the program:-

  • Question Based Discussion and Explanations

  • Sharing of Examples/Stories/Case Studies

  • Role Plays and Management Games

  • Group Discussions and participant presentations

  • Participant workbooks

If the above interests you then ……


The program content can be customized according to your needs. The duration of the program can be 3 - 2 days depending on the deliverables that you are looking for and what your objectives are - the choice is yours!

To ensure that each and every participant gets individual attention and full benefit from the program, it is suggested that the number of participants do not exceed more than 20 in each batch.


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