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"Time can be your best friend and your worst enemy."
- Sanjay Sahay

Program Overview


timemanagement.png (8153 bytes)Let me tell you the joke first. Time management is a myth; You cannot manage time because it just flows - detached and ruthless. YES! you can manage yourself. So all time management trainings are about self management. Time management is chiefly about conditioning your environment, rather than allowing your environment to condition you.

Time management starts with the commitment to change. Time management is easy as long as you commit to action. You can train others and improve your own time management through better planning; prioritizing; delegating; controlling your environment; understanding yourself and identifying what you will change about your habits, routines and attitudes.

The key to successful time management is planning and then protecting the planned time. People who say that they have no time do not plan, or fail to protect planned time.

Good Time management has enormous benefits for individuals and organizations.


Who Will Benefit From The Course?


  • Everyone in the organisation including heads of the departments, managers and all executives.


What Will You Gain From the Course?


  • Managing Time before it manages you
  • Recognizing the dynamics of Procrastination
  • Learning to focus on Quality Time Vs. Quantity Time
  • Understanding your rigidity about habits of wasting time
  • Recognizing the need to complete important and not-urgent things before they become urgent and important burning issues

At the end the participants will feel enhanced emotional optimism and strong interpersonal bond.


If the above interests you then ……


The program content can be customized according to your needs. The duration of the program can be 2 or more days depending on the deliverables that you are looking for and what your objectives are - the choice is yours!

To ensure that each and every participant gets individual attention and full benefit from the program, it is suggested that the number of participants do not exceed more than 20 in each batch.


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