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How It All Started


Few years back on a hot summer day, I was sitting, with the Chief Medical Superintendent of a modern hospital discussing some technicalities of medical equipment. I was representing a multinational company dealing in medical equipment.


Suddenly, an old villager came with a sick child in his arms and very humbly requested for treatment. The Doctor (CMS) asked him in a very harsh tone why and how he had entered his (The Chief’s) room.


The villager mentioned that the emergency department had sent him. The doctor picked up the phone and started long arguments with other doctors regarding whose duty was it to attend to the sick child. In these arguments about 15 minutes went by in justifications and classifications about who was on duty and who should attend to the patient.


Meanwhile, the old villager was made to shuttle three times between emergency and CMS room through a long hospital corridor as per the harsh and indifferent instructions being given to him. When the old man shuffled back for the third time in the CMS room the sick child suddenly gasped, shuddered, shouted B—A—B—A and died.


I cannot forget the empty look in the eyes of the old man. It was as though somebody had pulled out his very soul and drained him of his very life. He looked at the dead body of his son in his arms and two silent tear drops fell from his eyes. The distraught father did not know his rights ------; he only saw his dead son and quietly walked away.


I often think that the child would have died even if the treatment had been given, but did the concerned staff have any right to treat (or ill treat) the patient in this manner and kill the hope with which the poor old man had come to the hospital.


The indifference and the apathy of the medical staff cut deep into my heart. With the death of that baby many questions were born in my mind. I wandered if the staff could be developed for better care with more human touch. Can a difference be made in human attitudes and behaviours? Can the quality of life be improved? Can the quality of relationships, communication, sales, safety productivity be improved???? ?     ??? …….


This incident prompted me to think and redesign my career path. Now, making a difference has become the motto of my life and career.


I thought about the committed people I knew. What were they doing that was so special? I read hundreds of self development books and listened to tapes and CDs, and participated in many seminars on self-development. I integrated the leanings from various sources and formulated my own success theories and practises to first get me a suitable job as a trainer and then later to become a successful independent Training Consultant.


It hasn't been a bed of roses along the way though. It took me lots of hard work and ample number of non-successes. From there I progressed and gained the position of being Principal Consultant for many training assignments including the world’s largest training intervention.


Many promotions in as many years and then was asked to lead a team of about 50 consultants. I am currently living my dream as a full time Principal Consultant advising people and businesses on how to achieve success in all that they do.


Today I take pride that I have set a business and work with a group of like-minded individuals who are striving to make this a better world to live in. I choose my associations and customers very carefully and work with people who are committed to the cause …….. The cause of making this globe a better place to live in.


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