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Stress – The Spice of life


You can fly the flag of Happiness,
Only when Prince Peace lives in your Heart.
                                                    - Sanjay Sahay

Program Overview


stress.png (34099 bytes)Stress is a part of everyday life. We all experience stress each day, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. We all know how draining stress can be - physically, emotionally and economically, but we don't always know what to do about it. Stress in one area of life can affect other areas depending on our coping resources. Unchecked stress becomes distress and can have serious impact on health and can be fatal.

However, without Stress life would be dull. The STRESS is like a necessary evil, like friction is necessary; we can not eliminate it from our life. However we can learn to deal with it. This program will change your perception and reaction to stress and will provide necessary coping tools to deal with existing or even higher levels of Stress.


Who Will Benefit From The Course?


  • Everyone in the organisation including heads of the departments, managers and all executives and staff to frontline workers


What Will You Gain From the Course?


  • Awareness of various types of stress and their root causes

  • Impact of Stress on physical and emotional well being

  • How to cope with stress

  • Increase personal and business productivity

  • Enhance emotional and physical well-being

  • Learn to be flexible and creative

  • Strengthen your relationships with family, friends and colleagues

Learning Methodology TransformIN


Two things can change the course of our lives, 'Awareness and Action'. All individuals, corporate and teams, who aspire to progress need mastery over these two components, therefore, we develop and execute all the training programs to create awareness and guide participants to take action.

This is done through a special learning process called 'TransformIN', which involves lot of enquiring, experiencing, sharing, reflecting and INternalising by the participants, which all contribute towards making the experience intense and a lot of fun.

Following are some of the tools used to deliver the program:-

  • Question Based Discussion and Explanations

  • Sharing of Examples/Stories/Case Studies

  • Role Plays and Management Games

  • Group Discussions and participant presentations

  • Participant workbooks

If the above interests you then ……


The program content can be customized according to your needs. The duration of the program can be 2 or more days depending on the deliverables that you are looking for and what your objectives are - the choice is yours!

To ensure that each and every participant gets individual attention and full benefit from the program, it is suggested that the number of participants do not exceed more than 20 in each batch.


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