Creation of Future : By : Sanjay Sahay




Life is not discovery of fate,

It is a continuous creation of future;

Through choices of Thoughts and Actions’

- Sanjay Sahay

CREATION OF FUTURE is a set of strategic training programs that aim at ensuring peace, progress, health and happiness in professional as well as personal life of an individual.

 How It All Started

Few years back on a hot summer day, I was sitting, with the Chief Medical Superintendent of a modern hospital discussing some technicalities of medical equipment. I was representing a multinational company dealing in medical equipment.


Suddenly, an old villager came with a sick child in his arms and very humbly requested for treatment. The Doctor (CMS) asked him in a very harsh tone why and how he had entered his (The Chief’s) room.

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The programs provide very powerful tools to enhance performance, customer service, commitment to quality in every area of life.


They create a new language and sets new paradigms for improving all relationships and ensuring growth.


Creation of Future the flag ship training program benefit both Organisation and Employees.


Know how

 Creation of Future

can benefit you?



 | For the Organisation 
|| For the Employees

CREATION OF FUTURE is an investment for Human Resource for enhancing effectiveness through time-tested, life changing training modules.

This program will:-


Enhance emotional connect of employees with the vision of the company

Create a climate of true leadership through self empowerment, not power

Create customer delight and increase sales performance

Create committed employees, not compliant ones

Foster communication and teamwork

Encourage change, not denial and resistance to it

Enhance positive energy and optimism, not stress

CREATION OF FUTURE provides individuals with the tools to enhance and maintain positive attitudes.

The Individuals will:-


Increase self-awareness of talents and abilities

Learn the genesis and impact of attitudes

Have new choices to pursue higher standards of performance

Replace self-imposed limitations and fears with positive affirmations

Develop effective communication and listening skills

Learn to be proactive and manage time effectively

Gain practical ways to creative problem solving


Training Solutions
The most important resource for a company is – HUMAN RESOURCE and like any other resource it needs development and investment. To fulfill this need we offer following Soft Skills Training Programs for your executives and managers.



Methodology –TransformIN

The training is delivered in a highly interactive and interesting manner through activities and games to derive learning.

Following are some of the tools used to deliver this program:-

  • Question Based Discussions

  • Explanations and Participant workbooks

    • Sharing of Examples/ Stories/ Case Studies

    • Role Plays

    • Management Games

    • Group Discussions

    • Participant Presentation

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